The last time I had the chance to visit family in Australia was at the end of 2009.  In addition to some great railfanning trips, it was a fantastic chance to catch up with my father and step-mother.  I look forward to being able to head down there again one day, but with finances being the way they are, and with the big move my wife and I made at the end of 2011, that trip may be further away than it normally would be.

The final night in Australia was December 30th, which was spent in Goulburn.  In the days of steam, this was quite the hub of activity, with a small loco depot, freight yard and a decently sized station.  Nowadays, CFCLA has a presence in town, but as far as railways are concerned, it really is the proverbial “shadow of its former glory”.  With my Dad being as much of a railfan as myself, we trundled off down to the station for some evening time exposures.