Today we go back to one of the first times I ever went out to take some time exposures with my Dad.  I was five years old at the time, and although I had been taking rail photographs for over a year (and was getting quite reasonable at it), I hadn’t the understanding/patience to master the art of night photography.  I can remember we left our townhouse at Warners Bay and travelled up to Broadmeadow to the nearest loco depot.  At the time, Broadmeadow was the second largest facility in the state, only behind Delec, but nowadays it’s like many railway facilities of a bygone era: a mere shadow of its former glory.

We wandered around the two roundhouses for a little while, partially to see what was there and available for photography, but also to soak in the ambience.  For myself, visiting somewhere like this always gave me a sense of awe.  Even before the true understanding of the power of a locomotive, it made me wide-eyed to see so many locos in one area.  To see them in a nocturnal environment left me amazed.

We saw many things that night, mostly AlCo’s, but I will always remember this photo.  My Dad probably took about three photos of this loco, and this one ended up his first book (or at least the black & white version of the shot did).  I’ve played with this photo a great many times trying to get the color right, but I’m afraid that it will likely never be right.  I’m publishing the original as well as the modified version so that you can see the “problem”.  The lights in the 80’s (and earlier) would give a cyan tint to everything (as opposed to the orange cast of the tungsten bulbs today), and color correcting can prove to be a problem.  This is about as good as I can get it at this stage.  Maybe one day I’ll discover something new in Photoshop to make it even better.

BTW, it looks a little washed out, but look at the door on the side of the loco… the color is about right.


44100, Broadmeadow (original)



44100, Broadmeadow (color corrected)